I was born in Mexico City and spent my childhood in the states of Sinaloa, Jalisco and Veracruz. At age 14, I moved to Minnesota in the United States with my parents, where I finished my basic school studies and then started a career in Music. I worked as a bassist for a rock band for five years, but when I felt that my career as a musician had stalled, I took time to travel until I found a new direction in my life. This is how I arrived in the Mexican Caribbean and since 2005 I have worked in tourism as an interpreter of nature and culture. I have taken part in various projects related to conservation and currently work as the manager of the team of guides of Mexico Kan Tours and operation's supervisor.

The Yucatan Peninsula has been a great school for me. The contact with its nature, people and history has led me to discover and understand how important it is for me to lead a life that is attached to the truth through the study and understanding of the experience of man on the planet, taking nature as a model and inspiration. I consider myself very passionate about life; I value my time and I like to take advantage of it in the company of my partner, friends and family. Some activities and interests to which I also dedicate my time are: birds, music, permaculture, history, mountain biking, yoga, meditation and my work.

It is a great pleasure for me to dedicate part of my time to an agency like Mexico Kan Tours that integrates the natural and cultural legacy of the area to provide the traveler with life experiences that allow him or her to reconnect with the sacred (everything that makes life possible). We want to generate a deep feeling of love and respect for nature and diversity. The traveler is invited to observe and question the current values ​​and models of development in order to make the necessary changes to live a healthier, happier and truthful life. I consider myself a fortunate person with the opportunity that my work gives me to do something positive for the world in which we live, contributing towards conservation and towards a better quality of life for everyone that our efforts can reach.

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