I was born in Belgium in 1981. During my youth I concentrated on sports and extra-academic activities in which I developed passions for extreme sports, such as climbing and kitesurfing. Thanks to this sport, I began to travel in search of natural spaces and discover the world of alternative and sustainable tourism.

Through my travels, I wanted to go out of the Indo-European lifestyle and discover new cultures and traditions. I have had long-term experiences abroad in integrated programs such as the World Education Program or the Erasmus program.

Passionate about history and human civilizations, I naturally followed my academic career in archeology and art history. I graduated from the University of Louvain (UCL-Belgium), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) and the Free University of Brussels (ULB-Belgium). I received honorable mention for my thesis on Mayan iconography, as well as for my thesis on tourism and heritage management (for my MA specialization in cultural management).

In 2006, when I walked around the area, I fell in love with Tulum and made the decision to live and build my projects here in this magical little town.

It is a city surrounded by nature, biodiversity and local communities that live off their lands and traditions. I felt called to develop an ecotourism project in this region in order to enhance the natural and cultural heritage of Mexico, which is extremely rich, but also subject to many pressures, especially the Riviera Maya. The frenetic development of this part of Mexico puts its culture, its ecosystems and its environment in great danger.

I founded the Mexico Kan Tours agency in September 2007 with the aim of developing an ecotourism project which preserves the wonderful nature and culture of this region. Passionate about pre-Columbian history and thanks to my cultural management background, I decided to put my skills and knowledge into practice. Since then, every day I feel strengthened in the importance and necessity of our vision to promote conservation and showcase this unique heritage. I am proud to have been able to concretize my academic knowledge to favor this tourist destination that I love so much. Mexico Kan Tours is Tulum's first ecotourism agency focused on culture and nature in this region. I believe we have been able to inspire many travelers and new businesses to promote tourism experiences in a more responsible and sustainable way.

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