Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Frank has always been a lover of nature, culture & exploring the outdoors. With a background in history, geography, literature & languages, his travels & studies in Europe eventually led him to Mexico, where in 2006 he discovered the perfect way to combine his interests & passions when he began to work as an outdoor & cultural guide in the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Frank is motivated by ideals of peace, equality and a more balanced human experience. He believes that it is in nature where we are less distracted and more integrated into the movement that shapes our world, and is convinced that understanding nature & the time cycles of which we are also a part is a key factor in both maintaining & improving our lives. As the creator of Tulum Bike Tours, his goal was to integrate active travel with culture focused tours. Inspired by beautiful natural surroundings, Frank is constantly seeking out 'the road less traveled', moving away from the masses and creating & sharing the realest of experiences for our guests.


More recently, his work has focused on designing & creating unique activities that give visitors a chance to experience something extra special while visiting this part of the world to create truly inspiring moments.

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